Lorch Steel panel radiator Height 60 cm

Lorch Steel panel radiator Height 60 cm


  • 22


  •  600mm


  • 300mm, 400mm, 500mm, ……………..2900mm, 3000mm

Safe To Use

  • Lorch radiators, which have international certifications, are subject to quality control procedures at every stage of production and guaranteed for 12 years.


Lorch panel radiators, with 1.2 mm steel sheet, grade DC01, in accordance with EN10130 and EN10131, and height of 60 cm, are produced in a fully automatic production line and uniform and flawless welding. In the radiators, two convectors are used. steel panel radiator is available in 60, 80, 100, 120, 140 and 160 cm lengths with high efficiency and heating and high quality packaging. 12 years replacement warranty indicates the quality guarantee of this product.

Other features:

Compatible with all types of wall packages
It has two convectors with a unique design that has led to the maximum efficiency of this panel radiator in heating compared to indoor and outdoor models.
Extremely low dewatering volume, which increases the heat transfer rate.
13 bar air pressure test, which allows the radiator to operate at 10 bar pressure and be used in buildings up to 22 floors.

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